i am redeemed.

no metre. just words.

You have conquered me.
You overwhelm me.
Your presence is astounding.
Your very breath is beauty.
Your heart beats in my chest.
Your spirit flows in my veins.
Your love lifts me to your face
To be kissed by the lover of all.
To hold your hand, to be with you.
Is there another like you?
They are imitators of the great one,
Their love is an imitation of the greatest love.
My eyes cannot stray from yours.
To gaze on you is my very existence.
Your desire is for me,
Beyond my ability to return.
But oh, I try. Jesus you are mine.
Words, oh, words fill up this heart,
Things I cannot say in an audible voice.
My tongue is in capable of expressing
The gratefullness of me, the magestic wonder of you.
That you pursue me, run after me,
Pull me to your heart, under your arms,
In perfect connection with your beauty.
It is amazing, this love.
Your tenderness, the way you so carefully
Have intertwined my heart with yours.
You take me deeper into yourself
With a touch so intimate, so perfectly
Tailored to my own heart.
All there is left is you.
My very cells are under your power,
Coming into allignment with your perfection.
Your desires for me are greater than I can plan.
What you have joined together – soul with spirit-
No one can separate.
I am redeemed, brand new by the power of your great love.
I am redeemed.


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