baby, i’m amazed.

It’s fall. I mean, officially, it’s fall. This fact makes me so happy. I love the smells, tastes and colors of autumn. One fall tradition that I particularly enjoy is that of the Corn Maze. Getting lost in the twists and turns, following the maps (I am a closet cartologist), feeling the cold rush of air as you run through the maze.

But lately I have been wondering why it’s so fascinating, this idea of getting lost. Why are we so intrigued by mazes?

Could it be that it resembles life to us? I know I’m waxing psychological here, but roll with me. In our lives things are so unpredictable. Our view of things becomes twisted the more time we spend in this maze of life. Most of us just wander around aimlessly hoping that wherever we do end up is the right place. Some of us decide that reading the map will help us find our way through the dead ends and loops and confusion. And still more of us just get frustrated and plop down in the path refusing to budge for anyone, getting in everyone else’s way, complaining about the irony of it all.

I have to ask myself what Jesus thinks of all this? What if he is waiting for us to wake up and realize there is a whole world outside our little maze?

What if the way out of the maze is to just start running through the corn until you’re suddenly out? What if that’s what it takes? Men and women who are tired of being told that the only way out is the path that has been forged by others. Men and women who are not afraid of what is past the wall of corn. Men and women who will have the courage and fortitude to blaze their own trail out of the maze of everyday life and into the arms of their lover!

I hope I am such a woman. I refuse to be a follower, instead choosing a life of adventure and daring. A life others will laugh at but be challenged by.

I choose to bolt my way out of the maze, blindly running to the world that is more real than the corn field I’ve always known.


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