you sing me to sleep.

This probably isn’t what it sounds like. In fact, I’m not even sure what it sounds like, but I am positive it isn’t that.

I have so often wondered why I have the dreams that I do. It seems to be abnormal, which isn’t at all a bad thing. I just wonder why these specific pictures come up, these feelings, these waking and sleeping dreams. They seem to come in cycles, too.

For instance, I have always had a very specific dream for as long as I can remember. There are smells and touches associated with this dream, and sometimes all I can remember are the smells. But it’s still there.

I believe these dreams to be glimmers of things to come later in my life. More importantly, I believe them to signify things that are manifesting right now. God has given me wisdom to interpret dreams and also the gift of prophetic dreams. But this has thus far been taken too lightly in my life.

There is power that dwells within me and I have also made light of that fact. But what kind of existence would I lead of I only dreamed pleasantly, or interpreted wrongly, or ignored the prompt altogether?

He has begun a good work within me and he will perfect it, IS perfecting me. He gives me such grace and I can never pay him back. But this life will not be wasted on anything but Jesus. This is what I can offer, all I have, and it’s not even mine to give. My dreams, my heart. My levels of understanding and logic. The discernment of my soul. The words of my mouth. The touch of my hands. The blood pumping through the chambers of my heart.

The way he works is like my body, life blood affecting every area, becoming alive, active and moving and breathing and affecting the world around it.

Do you see? Do you know how he loves? That he would show us his love through our very cells! The perfectness that is him displayed in your beautiful eyes, the Beloved one staring back at me.

He who has ears to hear, let him hear!


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