Stink Bugs and Introspection

In my room I have one stink bug. He leaves me alone and I keep myself from squashing him with my slipper. I know many people who have bigger stink bug problems than I do. But today I had a thought. What if I only have one stink bug this season? What if this is the worst it ever gets?

And that, I think, is a crucial part of who I am. I will always believe that whatever circumstance I am in is the worst it can get. I know it sounds like such a morose and grim thought, but I honestly think it’s a positive one.

When faced with a problem my go-to response is to hope for the best. If this is the worst it’ll get, I can handle it. I’ve been through this before and I can keep going through it, because this is probably the worst it’ll be.

I think this is what makes me a good friend. I will always believe in the best possible outcome, no matter how much others may try to talk me down. You can literally do your worst and I will still stick by you, because if that’s as bad as it gets then I can handle it.

I believe in good. I believe that life, no matter how horrible, will always be made meaningful by the good. Whether it is a sunset or a cat’s purr or a deep love or a baby’s giggle, good will always win. And I will always hunt out the good in people, and I will always be the one who points it out. Because that’s what I believe in.

Good always wins.


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